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Features of the Contensis content management system


The Contensis CMS promts editors to create accessible content. It creates valid and clean HTML, even from invalid imported content.

Adult education courses

The adult education module handles the details of community education courses. Ideal for local government and education clients.

Automated Google sitemaps

When you create your site hierarchy and navigation, you are in effect building the Sitemap for use with Google and other search engines.

Bespoke controls

Contensis allows you to build your own bespoke controls and integrate with Visual Studio.

Case management and FoI

The case management module handles Freedom of Information (FoI) requests, complaints and general feedback submitted via a website or intranet.


Encourage interaction with visitors to your site by allowing comments to your pages and blog posts

Contensis Architecture

The Contensis architecture is fully configurable and can scale to meet the needs of your organisation.

Contensis core API

Anything that can be done in the UI can then be done through code thanks to the Contensis Core API.

Contensis Desktop Tool

The Contensis Desktop Tool allows users to be notified about relevant activity in the CMS.

Contensis developer tools

Desktop tools to make life easier for web developers, including easy debugging of Razor views and Visual Studio integration.

Content Syndication

Use Syndication in Contensis to get content from other sites and get content from your site syndicated through RSS feeds.

Customer experience management

Gain insight into the people visiting your website and customise their experience using Populo, our customer experience management tool.

Customisable user interface

Simplify the appearance of the UI, making non-technical users more comfortable and less likely to apply non-approved branding.

Defined structured content

Structured Content allows us to provide a simple form-based approach to content entry, ensuring all data is entered and will be formatted correctly.

Device detection

Repurpose content to be appropriate for different devices with device detection in place.

Disconnected Publishing

The Contensis disconnected publishing model allows a real preview of unpublished changes and greater security.

Document channels module

This module enables you to create a page with links to view and download documents – anything from text files to video.

Editing pages

Editing webpages is easy using the WYSIWYG editor in the Contensis CMS. The system is simple for editors to use with extensive functionality.

Email marketing module

Improve and automate creation, sending and management of your email campaigns with our Email Marketing Module

Email notifications

Notifications keep you informed about important tasks and events within the system, such as content being submitted or awaiting approval.

Events module

Handle the publicising of your plans with the events module. Set of web controls to display events in listing and calendar views.

FAQ Module

A structured FAQ module which can be added and styled into your site in minutes, with a number of configuration options.

Forms builder

Create, edit, and customise forms with our easy-to-use forms builder. Simply drag and drop forms into your pages.

Forums Module

Set up forums, with control over who can post via membership controls.

Google Apps integration

Allowing people to use the same login for Contensis as for the Google Apps which they may use in the workflow.

HTML snippets

Reuse content anywhere on a site and edit just once.

Human Readable URLs

Contensis ensures your content is published with a readable URL better for SEO and sharing on social media channels.

Image publishing

Upload, edit, and manage images in Contensis. Display them with easy-to-use gallery controls included in the content management system.

Import and export data

Contensis makes migrating content from another CMS easy. Efficiently Import and export data using our clever tools.

Jobs Module

The Jobs Module can allow vacancies to be entered as structured content or can be integrated with an HR system


Allows you to override the text of any element in the CMS, which makes supporting a new language easy.


Our metadata framework ensures you meet both your SEO and standards requirements.

Microsite wizard

Create new microsites in minutes with one instance of the CMS software.

Multilingual Websites

Translate websites to deliver to multiple countries, languages or even dialects from within the Content Management System

Multi-site Management

Manage any number of websites within a single installation of the content management system.

Navigation controls

Contensis comes with a whole suite of navigational controls able to handle websites with a complicated information architecture.

Navigation management

In Contensis, the navigation menus do not need to be managed manually, making them more accurate and easier to maintain.


Use Contensis' Personalisation features to help target content specific to user preference

Podcasts module

Podcasts are a low cost and accessible way to provide audio content to your audience and can be managed from the CMS.

Quality assurance

The Quality Assurance module checks that your website content is accessible, standards compliant and checked for spelling, broken links and other optimisations.


Create Razor views in Contensis and then simply drag and drop into pages or templates.

Schools Directory Module

The Schools Directory provides and online directory for local Schools, excellent for local government

Search Technology

Contensis Search supports all types of search including advanced search, faceted search, auto-suggest, search promotion and live search.

Search weighting

Use search weighting to point visitors in the right direction or to emphasise particular content.

Sharing Content

Use our built in sharing controls to download the page as a PDF, send it to a friend or print.

Single Sign-on

Authenticate your CMS users via Active Directory integration.

Social Media Module

We've developed brilliant features that allow organisations to govern Social Media output without holding back on the creativity.

Standard and custom reports

Contensis' reports keep you informed about all of the content on your site, identifying content which may need attention.

Structured content

Structured content provides users with a form-based way of adding content.


Synchronisation Module enables folders and all their content to be duplicated then kept in sync when updates are made to the original.

Taxonomy management

Organise, edit and refine the way you classify and categorise content with taxonomies.


Ensure consistent styling and theme throughout a site using templates.

Uploading Content

Contensis CMS allows for effortless importing of large volumes of data with minimum complexity

Version control

Everything in the system is versioned which provides the basis for roll-back, auditing and scheduling content.

Video publishing

Delivering streaming media is simple and easy. Enhance your website visitor experience with persuasive and high availability video.

Web server architecture

The Contensis Architecture offers resilience, scalability and performance with disconnected publishing.


Contensis has a lighter, more targeted WebAPI which is focused on the 95% of tasks you'll want to achieve within the CMS.


WebDAV enables you to create a virtual drive on your PC directly into the Contensis repository whilst maintaining your system permissions.

Who's who module

Publish a list of your directors to your website or contact details for staff to your intranet. Great for intranets.

Workflow and permissions

All users have their own appropriate controls governing what they can and can't do and what they see when editing.