Defined structured content

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We use structured content for modules in Contensis such as news and events. It can be used when you want to have increased control over the content format. It provides a simple form-based approach to content entry, with precise validation over input.

Structured Content in the CMS

Structured content not only produces web pages, but also produces a database table with the latest version of that content. Publishing the data in this way means that others systems can easily extract the data to use for any purpose.

One of our customers who uses this functionality extensively is Pearson Education who use structured content to manage their products. At present there are around 20,000 ISBNs managed and updated by Pearson staff using Contensis. As part of the project, a search was developed which uses this functionality to display real-time price and availability information.

Pearson Using Structured Content in the CMS

Any records data can be managed using structured content, and developers can embed their own .NET web controls within the forms.

The make-up of structured content forms is XML. As with all Contensis content, you can manage the data records with version control and workflow.