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Create content easily with wizards

Contensis has wizards for all common tasks. We think about the people who need to upload large amounts of content to a CMS and constantly optimise the steps to ensure it's as powerful and efficient as possible. All of the CMS wizards are designed with 3 main goals:

  • wizards make content contribution simple, even for non-technical users

  • wizards ensure all necessary steps are taken, eliminating common mistakes

  • wizards save time for users

Bulk Upload Wizard

The Batch Import functionality in Contensis allows a user to import large amounts of data with ease. The Wizard guides you through the process, often taking just 2 to 3 clicks.

Step 1 - Select a Location

The wizard will ask you to navigate to a location where you want the folder to be located.

Step 2 - Select a Zip file

Choose a zip file from your computer. The zip file can contain any type of content. If the zip file contains folders then that exact folder structure will be re-created in your chosen destination.

Step 3 - Approve for publishing

The import wizard then allows you to assign permissions for the newly imported content, provided you have the permissions to do this.

Though it may seem trivial, a tool like the Batch Import Wizard can save hours of user's time.

The Bulk Upload Wizard can save a lot of time

Create Content Wizard

This is the starting point for any contributor to create content. The CMS guides users to add content with correct naming conventions, minimising mistakes which may otherwise have been unnoticed until later in the process when changes are more onerous.

The steps vary depending on the type of content you choose.

Step 1 - Choosing What and Where

The start of the Wizard allows the user to choose what type of content they want to create. If accessing the Wizard from a folder, content will be created in that location. Otherwise, the wizard will ask you to navigate to a location.

Step 2 - Specify a Title, Menu Name and File Name

Creating well-formed names and titles for content is important for organising content and for SEO. Contensis guides you to create a meaningful title.

As they type their title, the system will automatically generate the Menu Name and File Name, but you can change this. For example, we may choose a long title to describe the page; "The History and Background of Zengenti" but want a shorter name for the Menu Name like "About Us".

At every step we assist users in creating content that is well formed, accessible and targeted.

Step 3 - Edit the new page

If you are uploading a Word document, you will be asked to complete the relevant meta data and upload the file, whereas if you are creating a web page you will be given the option to jump into edit mode and edit the page using the WYSIWYG editor.


Import from Office Wizard

The Import from Office Wizard provides users with a simplified process to convert content from Microsoft Office applications into web pages.

Step 1 - Select your content

The first step in importing from Office, is to select the position within a web page to import the content, then choose the Import from Word button in the toolbar and browse for the Word document.

Step 2 - Process any images

The system will process the document and identify any images that are included. For each image found in the document the system prompts the user to specify the "Alt Text" and a destination for the image. Once the image is uploaded into Contensis it can be reused again in other locations.

After the import process, you can amend the content and apply additional formatting if required. Contensis ensures that the XHTML conforms to web standards.

Import from Office to turn documents into web content