User Registration

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As sites become more and more interactive, fine control and registration facilities are becoming more important. Contensis has a complete framework for membership and registration, integrating with many of our standard modules including Forums, Comments, Permissions, Search and Personalisation.


The registration control allows users to register with your website.

You can configure registration forms; request any information fields such as address, company, telephone numbers or you can make it simple, requiring just an email address and password. Asking for limited information improves registration rates and reduces end user frustration. We use the registration control for registration with our Contensis support site.

You can enable email confirmation on the registration control. If enabled, the system will send a validation email to the registering guest. The new user account will only be activated when the user clicks on the link sent in the email.

If you have Active Directory Integration, you can remove the need for users to register. Single Sign-on can also be used to provide a seamless transition from a Contensis-authenticated site through to any other application.

Domain Verification

Often you may find yourself in a situation where you would love to open up self-registration to any of your customers or suppliers but not the general public. Domain Verification can be used to check whether the domain name that the new registrant has specified in their email matches an existing Contensis group.

If you use this option in conjunction with Email Confirmation, you can be sure that the user is who they say they are and they must be part of the organisation you allow, as otherwise they could not have a valid email address at the domain of that organisation.

When a user is registered with Domain Verification, they will be added to the group that they were verified against. This enables you to personalise based on customer, supplier or any other criteria.

Setting a specific registration group

When users register, you can choose a security group that they will automatically become a member of. This is very useful if you want to personalise or secure different parts of the site to different types of registration.

User Profiles

Once a user has registered, we often want to provide them with a way of updating their profile information.

Getting to the profile

Normally the user profile is added as part of either a permissioned menu, viewable only when logged in, or as part of the login/logout control.

The links are rendered using client-side JQuery, and are downgradeable without JavaScript. Creating the bar client-side ensures that the pages can be cached using the caching technology of your choice, typically for .NET implementations the standard Microsoft Output Cache.

The Profile Control

The profile control will allow the logged in user to edit their profile information. Each of the fieldsets can be enabled and disabled. If you are not using Forums for example, then there is little point in allowing users to edit their forum signature.

The control, as with almost all Contensis controls, has a standard simple theme, which ensures it will look good instantly, but you can apply your own bespoke look and feel if required.

Integration with Who's Who

If you use the Who's Who Module and allow your users to log in, they will be able to update the information that appears on the Who's Who.

The profile control is configurable so you can prevent certain fields from being updated by the end user. If you are also integrated with the Active Directory, some of the fields that are fed directly from the AD will not be editable.

Edit user profiles and synchronise with Active Directory