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The Synchronisation Module enables folders and all their content to be duplicated then kept in sync when updates are made to the originals. This eliminates the need to rewrite multiple instances of the same content.

An example of when you might you want this is for the duplication of content between a website and intranet. You may also use synchronisation if you use device detection to serve a separate mobile site.

Synchronisation forms the basis of the Multilingual process, but those looking for a Multilingual solution should look to the Multilingual module. Please get in touch if you have any questions about which solution is best for your project.

The Synchronisation Module enables entire folders, and any sub-folders they contain, to be duplicated in one or more additional locations in the navigator.

There are a number of ways you can use synchronisation in the CMS:

  • Language variation - this option allows for the production of managed multi-lingual content. Content is produced within the parent folder and once approved, triggers the creation of duplicated content in the child folder, ready for translation.

  • Modifiable - this option creates a copy of content in the child folder but it is possible for users to modify if required.

  • Replication - this option creates an identical copy of the content in the child folder which cannot be changed.

Users need to be given a specific permission before they are able to create synchronisations in the CMS.

Synchronisation is a chargeable module. View Prices