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The notifications engine keeps you informed about tasks and events that occur within the system; just like Facebook alerting you to a 'friend request', in Contensis you'll receive an authorisation request.

Notifications are used in many areas of Contensis and are entirely configurable - the notifications can even be localised into different languages. If you want to change the email templates to meet your branding guidelines, they can be changed using the localisation framework.


The CMS can send email notifications to users

An example of the type of events which can trigger a notification:

  • content checked out

  • content checked in

  • submit for approval

  • authorisation declined

  • revoked submission

  • pass to another user

  • content published

  • requires review

  • expiry imminent

  • content expired

If you have editing permissions for an item scheduled for review, notifications can be set to alert you.

A thumbnail of the page is included in the notification email. (If you are concerned about space on your email server, the images are not attached to the email, they are stored in Contensis.) We have found that clients configuring notifications in this way see an improved workflow as content can be reviewed and authorised directly from the email.

In order to approve directly from an email you'll need to configure active directory integration.

Notification administration

The administration screen is where you tailor the notifications specifically for your organisation. This allows you to turn certain notifications on or off globally and decide the policies for who receives each of the different notifications.

Set which events trigger email notifications from the CMS