I've previously written about the steps we've taken to show you what's new in Contensis by explaining how we built the what's new feature on ZenHub using content types and entries. This post aims to show you how we want to be transparent with what we've got planned now, and for the future, by announcing our open public roadmap using Trello.

We've had a public roadmap on ZenHub for a while now, and whilst it provided a high-level overview of what we were planning to  work on, it didn't provide the granularity that many of you have been asking for.

On the Contensis open roadmap you can see, comment, and vote on all the things that we’re working on. You'll just need a free Trello account to participate. We’ll keep adding new suggestions raised in the community and from our teams here in Zengenti, and we’ll shuffle things around based on feedback.

The journey of an idea to delivery

So, how does an idea make it on to the roadmap?

A diagram showing the process of a suggestion from initial conversation through to delivery of a feature in a Contensis release


Many of you participate in discussions in the Contensis community, and we love to hear how the product can be improved from those of you who use it everyday. We see our community on Slack as the place for new ideas to emerge and grow. As a result, we'll be phasing out the Raise a suggestion area on ZenHub in favour of collaboration and open discussion on Slack.

If you've got ideas on how to improve the product for everyone, then please post them in the #suggestions channel for us all to see.

Suggestions (seeking feedback)

Now that we’re following faster release cycles, it’s far easier to implement a new suggestion – especially if it aligns or relates to an area we’re already working on or planning in.

As ideas gain popularity and interest we'll move them from Slack to our roadmap. From here you can vote, continue discussions, and subscribe to updates as the idea develops.

Think something should be prioritised higher? Vote for it on the roadmap.


Taking a concept from an idea to a working feature usually involves researching it, considering the technical aspects, and evaluating its business value. Items that move into the potential column are actively being researched and considered for a future release. Not all features will make a release for different reasons, but we'll update the card on the board to keep everyone updated.

There will of course be lots of work outside of these specific ares on fixing bugs and improving the Contensis experience so please keep the feedback coming!

Short and long term

Ideas found in the in short term column are those we’re planning on including in the next few releases. Whereas ideas in long term may be released in the future, but are less certain and locked in.


Great news, items in the completed column have made it into a Contensis release! If you've subscribed to an idea you'll be notified what release the feature is going into so you get yourself upgraded.

Get involved

Here are a few ways to get involved:

  • Join the conversation
    Want to add your thoughts or suggest a new idea? Our Slack community is the place to do it.
  • The roadmap
    Please vote and comment on features that you’re eager to see. (You can log into Trello through an existing Google account and won't even need to create a new password!).
  • Beta
    To get early access to new features and improvements register to try the very latest version of Contensis. We'll email you every 3 months to tell you about what's new and welcome your feedback.

The open roadmap will be a constant work in progress. We'll add, remove, and shuffle cards around as we complete development of certain features and move on to others, and as priorities change. We'll post an update in the Slack community whenever we make any big changes so it's easy to keep up.

We're excited to be delivering a product that enables you to create and manage better content.

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Richard Saunders

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Richard is the product owner for Contensis – our CMS. He sets the direction and roadmap for the product. His background includes both user experience and front-end design.

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