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I’m writing this blog post shortly after returning from paternity leave, and coffee seems pertinent on my first day back to the reality of work.

At this year's Rocket Conference, we want to give you an update on what we’ve been working on. The guys in product have been fuelled on caffeine as they work on the latest release of Contensis.

As the web industry has matured, organisations no longer look at their websites as simply a brochure showing what they're offering, but as a means to really deliver value and provide a service to their customers.

We’ve needed to look at ways of creating and storing content more efficiently and for allowing organisations to reuse and repurpose that content easily. Whilst it's always been possible to do this with Contensis, the system has it’s little nuances and quirks that haven’t always made it so easy.

In 8.4 we’re really wanting to make it easy to get content in and out of Contensis – and not just against a traditional published website, but in modern web applications and sites outside of Contensis.

We’ll be demonstrating some upcoming features using a single page web app called HoffiCoffee. We’ll show you how you can use a new form of structured content alongside a new Management and Delivery API – giving you a way to easily import, manage, and create new types of content.

Why HoffiCoffee?

What better way to describe a feature than to use a real life example? Hoffi is a Welsh word meaning like, so HoffiCoffee? translates to Like coffee? It's about finding that next caffeine fix wherever you are located.

We built HoffiCoffee as a single-page application that could be created outside of Contensis. We use it as a test app, that lets us request and return data without necessarily being built inside Contensis.

When we deliver features in Contensis, we’re aiming to make features shippable quicker and based on a solid foundation. Building features iteratively enables us to make relevant changes before spending significant time and effort on areas that may not be relevant.

Whilst this agile approach has its benefits, it's sometimes difficult for a development team to see what they are working towards, especially when making huge architectural changes. It's easy to get tied up with the application becoming technically sound and future proofed without actually delivering anything.

HoffiCoffee gives the development team an opportunity to know where they are heading by setting realistic milestones. It focuses the team on building features that are shippable and testable, as well as seeing them used in a real world scenario.

So, if you want to find out more about what's in 8.4, and get an overview of what we’re working on, why not register for Rocket Conference 2016.

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Richard Saunders

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Richard is the product owner for Contensis – our CMS. He sets the direction and roadmap for the product. His background includes both user experience and front-end design.

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