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One of the world's foremost social science universities

The London School of Economics and Political Sciences, or LSE, was founded in 1895, and is one of the largest colleges within the University of London. LSE alumni and former staff include 13 Nobel Prize winners and around 29 past or present heads of state. 

Multiple websites

The organisational structure of the LSE website is made up of a variety of websites. There are over 340 – each distinct with the purpose of meeting the needs of target audiences. These include prospective students, professionals (including opinion formers), staff, alumni, and students. The LSE sought to work with a partner who was able to supply and deploy an appropriate, cost effective, robust, flexible, and scalable CMS.

The right combination of functionality and flexibility

Like many universities, LSE has a large cohort of people contributing to its website. Enabling stakeholders to collaborate effectively and efficiently was central to their requirements. With the overall purpose being to produce and provide a website that meets the information needs of target audiences in pursuit of LSE's goals, Contensis offers the right combination of functionality and flexibility. We have also redeveloped the infrastructure supporting the production and provision of the LSE website, outsourced hosting of the LSE website's servers, and reviewed/redeveloped the LSE website itself.

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