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A natural choice for Europe's leading universities

We created Contensis to publish large amounts of content, in many languages, on multiple sites. Its easy-to-learn workflow allows editors to manage thousands of pages. Because of this, Contensis has become a natural choice for some of Europe’s leading universities. These include the London School of Economics and Political Sciences, King's College London, the University of Brighton, and the European University Institute (EUI).  

A truly international organisation

The EUI is an intergovernmental organisation that hosts scholars from more than 60 countries. The EUI’s experienced web team – led by Francesco Martino – runs their website using Contensis and works closely with Zengenti's professional services team to develop bespoke functionality when needed.

"I’m very happy about how we work together with the Zengenti team as one team. We have managed to provide our users with an up-to-date service that enables us to respond in a very fast way to their needs – and even to anticipate their needs – which are changing all the time."

Francesco Martino, web communications manager

A thriving user community

The team at the EUI are enthusiastic members of the Contensis user community. They often travel to the UK to attend events, meet with the Zengenti team, and talk to Contensis users from other universities. Our close network of users is one of the the reasons the EUI chose Contensis. Stephan Albrechtskirchinger, director of communications at the EUI, says: ‘Contensis impressed us with its network of other leading universities, and I believe that universities are a special community. For us this has been key, because we all address similar challenges, and we now have a very professional exchange with partnering universities.’ 

A significantly improved user experience

For an international institution like the EUI, it is crucial that visitors have rapid access, no matter where in the world they are. As Francesco says: 'a website, in the end, is a communication tool, and it has to be fast.' The EUI decided that hosting their site in our UK datacentres would provide the best experience for their global users. So, they worked closely with our professional services team to migrate their hosting to Contensis Cloud. We migrated their entire, large websites with minimal downtime. Their deputy director of communications, Serena Burgisser, says that user feedback on website speed has been ‘extremely positive’ since the move. Along with this quicker site, we have significantly improved the site's user experience, with a positive impact on the EUI’s PR activities.

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