More features

The Contensis WebDAV module enables you to create a virtual drive on your PC directly into the Contensis repository.

Using this methodology, you can either drag files directly from your desktop into Contensis or directly from Contensis onto your desktop, or any other network drive for that matter. It also maintains your system permissions.

WebDAV is often used for contributing file-based materials such as PDF meeting agendas for councils or payroll reports for accountancy firms. It is regularly implemented in intranets as it makes these kinds of file transfers quick and easy. It requires no more knowledge than standard Windows Explorer-type functionality.

Many desktop clients support WebDAV.  The system can mount WebDAV-enabled server directories to the file system using the traditional BSD mounting mechanism.

Contensis has an in-built routine using WebDAV technology for importing content from MS Office, including Excel, PowerPoint and Word documents. Import and cut and paste both remove unwanted formatting and ensure the mark-up is valid.

WebDAV is a chargeable module. View prices.