Installation and deployments

More features

One of our key philosophies is that our CMS should always be easy to upgrade. We never make changes that would prevent this and we introduce breaking changes where sensible. Typically, any upgrade can be carried out in less than five minutes with four mouse clicks.

The system is built in such a way that it is never necessary to customise any part of the core system. Instead developers using Contensis can build on the layers we provide to extend or enhance the system to meet specific needs, though this is rarely needed.

At any time you can click through to your client download area and get the latest version of the CMS. You can also see a full change log at any time; and see exactly what our development team are working on. This change log is updated daily.

CMS installation

Installations and upgrades can be found on ZenHub. Simply download and execute the install package. The installer is an MSI file with installation options. If you tick the button to upgrade your site, this will kick-off the automated deployment process.

Unattended install

If you run a development server and a production server, you can arrange upgrade of the development server without server admin support. The Contensis installer can be executed from the command line. We use this internally, running perhaps 5-10 customers on a single development server with one click of a batch file. It's likely to be used more for upgrading development servers after synchronising production and development.

Automated web deployment

With many solutions, when you upgrade you may need to do all sorts of strange manual tasks to update the CMS itself. Contensis supports a completely automated deployment process. This means that after you have run an upgrade, all you need do is a single click to deploy the changes to your test or live servers.

Our front-end disconnected publishing model ensures that even when you upgrade the CMS you are not rushed into making the changes on the live server at the same time. For simple upgrades, the decoupled environment means that we don't need to necessarily test an upgrade first on a development server. You can simply run the CMS upgrade and, at installer time, tick the option to upgrade your test (preview) website and staging server if you have one. Once this is done you can fully test the test and staging server, whilst content production continues; the only caveat is that until you deploy to live, publishing will be delayed. Once you are happy with the test server you can then simply tick the box to upgrade your live. That's it - there is nothing else too it!

Contensis uses a decoupled publishing model

Because the automated deployment is so easy, customers often deploy immediately to live when they have just had a simple hotfix or similar.

No more config files to mess with or files to copy from A to B, hoping you remember every step. Contensis takes care of everything for you at the click of a button.