Disconnected Publishing

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Contensis offers a totally disconnected publishing architecture; throw the CMS server out of the office window and your website will still be fully functional.

Because of this disconnection between the CMS and the web server, our customers can publish their data to any server providing there is TCP/IP access. You may want to host your CMS internally behind a firewall, but host the site with a third party hosting company, for example.

To facilitate this, we use FTP to publish files to the front end delivery servers. This means that you don't need to get involved with complex permissions in Windows; all you need is an FTP Host, User and Password to fully publish to your front-end delivery environment. In some cases the front-end delivery environment may be inside the firewall, or the whole set-up may be on the DMZ. You could even have the whole CMS architecture on the same server.

Because we don't believe in reinventing wheels and FTP works so well, we do not offer any other delivery methods. This helps to keep delivery simple and gives you the added advantage of FTP logging so you can see every transaction that is made from the CMS to the delivery servers.

For security, the FTP can run on any desired port in both active and passive mode, and also support secure FTP if you have this installed on your FTP server.

If you are concerned about the cost of an FTP server, this is not an issue as there are a number of free options available. Microsoft ship a free FTP server with IIS7 or 8, and a favourite of ours is FileZilla, which is an open source community project. Both of these work well.

Because Contensis supports a disconnected publishing model, publishing to any web server is possible.

See more on Web Server Architecture.