Document channels module

More features

This module enables you to create a page with links to view and download any documents – from text files to video. Comments and threaded conversations can be attached to documents. Whenever a new piece of content is added, subscribers receive an email alert.

The standard Contensis search covers all content in the document channel, while respecting the security of the person searching. If they do not have rights to an area, the results will not show in their search lists.

Using this module, you will be able to manage, search and display your documents and media easily. You can combine all of your documents into a single point of reference or target a sectional library of documentation for each department. Display and order by content type, file size or date published and integrate with the lightbox for video playback and image viewing.

Document channel control

Document channel complete control - consists of a document search, listing and syndication links.

Document listing control - provides a standard list of documents and can be used in conjunction with the document search control.


The document channels module is a chargeable module. View prices.