Customer experience management

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CXM is a new way of looking after your customers. It covers the range of interactions that a person may have with you. CXM seeks to address the experience customers have with companies over time, with the aim of making each interaction a positive one.

CXM takes an outside-in approach towards your users, and can be proactive, even anticipatory. It has the potential to initiate contact, deliver content and preemptively solve problems. It aims to understand customers' preferences.

Taking an outside-in approach to understanding your customer is not without its hurdles. CXM aims to unify the information you already know about your customers and bring it together with new insights.

Website behaviour, social engagement or campaigns you are running, even conversations with your customer support can provide information that can shape the experience your customers receive.

In Populo v1.0 we have introduced the foundation of our platform which will focus on building an understanding of the visitors that come to your Contensis published website and provide ways to personalise the content they receive.