Standard and custom reports

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Every organisation requires different insights into their content and the way authors are using the CMS. Reports provide a huge amount of power to understand the CMS in the way you want to. Contensis has a range of standard reports but if you need something bespoke you can configure custom reports.

Standard reports

Contensis comes configured with a whole set of reports that can instantly be used. These reports are generally focused on content usage, workflows and user information. These reports can be accessed in a single click, wherever you are within Contensis.

Clicking on a report takes you to a screen that lists all of the relevant content. Against each piece of content are links to edit, check-in or preview, depending on your permissions.

Out of the box reports

Some standard reports available in the CMS


Some of the standard reports available:

  • content edited by me today
  • content edited by me this week
  • content edited by me this month
  • content edited by me this year
  • content checked out by me
  • content awaiting approval
  • content awaiting Webmaster approval
  • content created last month
  • content approved last month
  • webpages without live version
  • webpages with live version
  • content due for review
  • content requiring translation

Custom reports

Creating custom reports in Contensis is very straightforward; and covered in our developer training sessions.

At the simplest level, you can add a bespoke report procedure into the system and use the user interface that we provide for our standard reports.

If you have tools such as crystal reports and experience of using them, you may want to use them to create your own reports, allowing complex and personalised reports.

We provide a standard set of database schemas that can be analysed or, if your tool supports it, you can generate reports using the Contensis API.


If you are reading this because you are thinking about website statistics reporting then please see our information on analytics support, as this is covered and dealt with as an entirely separate topic.