Navigation management

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Contensis can manage your menu, automatically adding new content. This means your menus are accurate and content isn't omitted. It also reduces ongoing maintenance. You are able to override this automation to add, remove and reorder menu items.

Menus are created dynamically based on the content hierarchy you build into the CMS. When you create content within your project, the content will appear in the same location on the live site.

Links in menus are not hard-coded; when changes are made to the structure of the website, the menu will change automatically to reflect this.

Contensis supports "mega menus" such as the one below from the King's College London website.


How the menu appears and behaves depends on the navigational controls used.

Setting folder home pages

Set a folder homepage in the CMS


When a new section is created, you can assign a folder home page. This will be the page which is displayed when a visitor arrives in that section.

Creating a folder home page can be done by choosing "make folder home page" from the contextual menu.

Configuring menu visibility and name

Though the menus are automated, there is still a lot you can do to customise the output. The editor has the ability to:

  • set the menu name, which you may wish to be different from the name on the page

  • choose whether an item is included in the menu

  • choose whether an item is included in the search

  • choose whether an item is included in the A-Z

  • choose whether an item is included in the SiteMap

Set visibility of content within menus

Ordering menu elements

Manage menus in the CMS


You can change the order of navigational elements in menus and sitemaps. Changes made to ordering will appear almost instantaneously on the test or live website. You can use the manage menu feature on any folder to drag and drop the menu order.