Content Usage Statistics

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See where content is used throughout a project All content that you create in Contensis is recorded and indexed, if you want to delete a page we can tell you exactly what effect this will have on related content. With this information you can make informed decisions about deleting a page or a piece of content.

To view this information right-click on the content in the Project Explorer and select "Usage".

Template Usage

You can view details of every page that uses a specific template. When working with templates, this is extremely useful; at the click of a button you can see which pages will be affected by your changes. This type of information can be of great importance when assessing the scale and impact of altering a template.

Image Usage

We track every element that links to or includes each image. If you want to change or update an image you can see exactly where it is being used. You will not be able to delete an image if it is used in a live web page.

The CMS will prevent deletion of items in use

General Content Usage

Not only do images and templates have usage statistics; every piece of content managed by Contensis has usage statistics - from Word documents to web pages. Content Usage Reports ensure that you are able to understand the dependencies for all of your content. The report shows:

  • Included Content

  • Internal Links

  • External Links

  • Dependencies

  • Linked to (content the content links to)