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Templating is probably one of the most crucial areas to evaluate when choosing a content management system. How the templates work will have a dramatic effect on the implementation of your system and ongoing branding requirement.

Templates ensure consistency of design structure across your site and makes changing structures easy – change something once and it applies everywhere on the site.

We believe that Contensis has one of the best templating engines in the industry, and here's why.

Template features:

  • Implement any design that can be created in XHTML/HTML5
  • XHTML/HTML5 support as standard
  • Enables accessible content to AAA standards
  • Uses permissions workflow 
  • Full version history
  • Allows for straightforward site redesign
  • Subtemplates – nest template to build perfect pages
  • Custom code integration
  • Bespoke web controls
  • Restrict templates to specific areas or user groups


Creating templates
Using custom code