Contensis core API

More features

Our API is completely extensible. Our product is designed so that our user interface and services all use the API. This means that anything that we can do in the UI you can do through code, such as, create a page or build a news subsite populated with content.

You can use the Contensis core API to automate processes and create tools for specific departments to contribute tailored content. Whatever your needs, the tools are there.

If you come on one of our developer training courses we will give you the knowledge and examples to create almost anything.

The system also has a plug-in architecture that allows you to extend it, by adding new buttons or creating new reports for example. This offers you complete flexibility without affecting your ability to upgrade the system when necessary.

The system is written in the latest .NET framework. This means that your developers can use Visual Studio to interact with the API and utilise Intellisense and other Microsoft features. If you are concerned about costs, you can use the free versions of Visual Studio.

Extending our code

Although our API is not open source, we are more than happy to provide the code to our customers. One of our clients asked for the code to one of our navigational controls so they could extend it. We first asked if we should extend it ourselves for the benefit of our other clients. After discussing it we decided that the change was so bespoke that no other customers would ever benefit, so we provided the client's developer with the source code and they went on to extend it to meet their specific requirements.

We are very open with our customers and, as long as we are not giving away core sensitive code, we are more than happy to allow developers to use Contensis as they wish.