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The Contensis content type editor.

Contensis for developers

Anything that’s possible on the web is possible through Contensis. It’s built on the .NET framework, and we provide flexible APIs, developer tools, and can train you to code against the CMS. Fill in the form below to request a personalised demo with one of our account managers.

Some of the clients we've helped

  • Kings College London Logo
  • Gambling Comission logo
  • London School of Economics and Political Science Logo
  • Domino Logo
  • Cumbria Constabulary Logo
  • NHS Logo
  • Staffordshire County Council Logo

Content types 

Content types allow you to store content as easily reusable pieces. Our content type builder makes it easy to quickly build rich content models and create relationships between content types. You can use the built-in validation settings to ensure that any content editors create meets your requirements. 

Delivery API

Our RESTful Delivery API is designed to get content and data into your web pages and applications as quickly and easily as possible. You can use the HTTP API to access resources as JSON using the language of your choice. Alternatively, save time by using our .NET and JavaScript API wrappers.

Razor views 

Contensis supports Razor views, so you can write simple code to get dynamic data and content to display on pages. We’ve gone further, and integrated Razor into Contensis so you can easily create custom features for your site by adding custom properties and using the Contensis WebAPI.


Templates define the layout of your site, and Contensis’ templating is class-leading in its flexibility.  You can create both page and sub-templates (which can be dragged and dropped by authors to layout their own content). You can even use sub-templates as partials, giving you reusable elements like headers, footers, and the rest.

Custom code

You can create your own C# code to use in your page templates. Make use of the Contensis API to get at your data and create custom controls. You can chain queries through Contensis Search – basically anything your website uses can be coded against.


The Web API is built to be both fast to learn and easy to implement. It uses the power of the Microsoft® Razor View engine to quickly customise and extend your site. The API allows you to perform all the tasks required to write your own dynamic elements both server and client side.

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