The beauty of Contensis lies in it’s easy scalability. As your business grows or moves in new directions your website needs to do the same. Contensis easily handles vast amounts of content and heavy traffic. You can also customise and expand it to meet your changing business needs. 

One of our clients recently approached us to redevelop aspects of their site to support their work in international markets. Domino Printing Sciences Plc is a market leader in printing technology. The company’s 2,400 employees operate from 25 locations and sell to 120 countries worldwide.

The international nature of Domino’s business makes it crucial that content is appropriate to potential customers and that it’s delivered in the correct language. To address this Zengenti front-end developer and technical consultant Jon Moore and our team put in place functionality that serves different homepage content based on the visitor's geo-location. This means, for example, that a visitor from China will now see homepage content that is appropriate to Chinese customers.  We also used canonical tagging to localise page titles. This allows Domino to easily translate pages into the appropriate language and then deliver them to the right audience.  

We improved the performance of the site to enhance the user experience on mobile devices. To do this we’ve optimised images and pre-loaded galleries on the site to speed up loading times. We also streamlined the site database to further increase performance.    

These changes mean that Domino can make content appropriate to a visitors language, location and platform. The website now offers visitors around the world an experience that is tailored to their needs — regardless of where they are, what language they speak or the device they are using.   

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