After another year of heavy dieting at Zengenti, it was time to fill our faces and raise some money for one of our longest serving clients, Macmillan Cancer Support.


Once again we challenged each team to submit a cake to be in with a chance of being crowned ZenBaker 2014!

The Product Team deployed James Spate, and his wife Kie, a sculptor and masterful cake maker, to put together this laptop donning the Contensis dashboard. A range of techniques were used to create its realistic finish including edible air brushing and ink.

The Coachhouse Team tapped into the cheffing talents within their team, Antony Doyle (an ex-chef) donning his old whites to mastermind this ambitious recreation of the Moor Hall grounds. Can you pick out all of the landmarks? The whole team pulled together to make Sweep the cat, the on-site tractor and Louise (amongst other things) out of icing, wafer and other sweet treats.

The Lakehouse Team's Mark Sansom brought in this bull dozer of a cake that will scare even those with the sweetest of teeth. A heavy hitter with a depth of well over 6 inches.

Ola Andersson, our token Swede, proudly represented the Marketing and Sales Team with these traditional Swedish Kanelbullar (or 'cinnamon rolls.')

Lastly, but certainly not least, Ian Godbehere flew the flag for Project Management as he called upon the power of his namesake to create this piece of magic. My personal favourite, it may not look as exciting as some of the others but it's taste and texture touch all the right buttons...yum yum.

The Judging

We compiled a creak team of judges who accessed each cake in four categories: appearence, taste, texture and imagination. From the outset, it was obvious that Product and Coachhouse were going to take the cake (no pun intended, yeah right) when it came to the aesthetics but the taste category was anyones. After much debating by the judges, the pulling power of Product and Coachouse did however prove too much which set up a fasinating showdown.

Product Vs. Coachouse

As Rich Chivers went to announce the winner of ZenBaker 2014 you could cut the atmosphere with a knife. Product seemed to have a leaner, meaner appearance wheras Coachhouse showed the imagination of a child. But as they say, the proof is in the pudding, and that was certainly the case as Product pipped it. Narrowly winning by two points, Product's laptop was a beautiful contrast of sponge (keyboard/desk) and rice crispy cake (screen). 



It has to be said that there was a certain amount of controversy surrounding the decision. Antony Doyle questioning Product's "ethics" on Twitter as the idea of outsourcing was mentioned. But as we all know, ZenBaker is always about raising money for Macmillan, and this year we raised £140.

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