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Building digital teams ebook.

Digital can be business-as-usual when you have the right skills on board. 

This white paper explores what digital means for teams today, the benefits of getting the right skills and mindset, and some practical steps to building the best digital team you can.

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What's in this white paper?

Digital is here

Expectations are high and digital adoption is deeply embedded in our customers’ behaviour. We discuss what this means for products and services, and how they are experienced.

Getting the right mindset

Digital teams need to be agile. This goes deeper than changing your structure. We talk about thinking agile, from risk-taking to trying out new roles.

Get things done

It’s time to take action. Our step-by-step guide focuses on the practicalities involved when shaping your team. Explore helpful tools and improve your communication skills.

Build stronger digital teams

As a fast-growing tech organisation, we know the ups and downs digital teams can experience. From restructuring, recruiting, and learning the art of delegation, team management is a complicated business. Handling different personalities and styles of working is just the beginning. Then, you’ve got to think about the bigger picture – your organisation’s challenges, your team’s targets.

The brightest and best of our teams are given room to experiment, supported through formal and informal communications, and brought together through play as well as work. Micro-management has no part to play. Even if you can’t achieve a flat structure over traditional hierarchy, there are techniques and tools you can employ to make sure everyone in your team gets to voice their opinion, get validity, and contribute to building a product that is greater than the sum of its parts.

A complete overhaul isn’t always possible or necessary, but focusing on skills over job descriptions and building agile practices into your day-to-day will result in a stronger team and better results. So, read on and work towards that effective digital team right now.

Leadership teams make decisions to "increase our digital presence" or "make viral campaigns."

Cool. Now, how do we go about doing this?

Keen to start thinking about your digital team?

Download the white paper and get started.