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Contensis features

Contensis gives you all the benefits of a traditional content management system with the power and flexibility of a headless CMS. Improve developer productivity, increase content reuse, and empower your teams. Now with a more powerful set of APIs.


Contensis provides tools that help you make your content accessible to everybody – regardless of how they use the web.

Alias URLs

Add custom URLs to a page. Contensis assigns each page a URL based on its location in your folder structure. Override this by adding alias URLs to support a marketing campaign or to improve SEO.

Automated sitemaps

Improve SEO with automatically updated sitemaps. Contensis automatically add new pages to an XML sitemap that search engines use to index your site. Simply untick a box to remove a page from the sitemap.


Save time, ensure consistency, and cut down on mistakes by creating reusable sets of fields you can drop into any content type. Use components in composer fields to quickly build rich landing pages.

Contensis desktop tool

Manage files, generate reports, and stay up-to-date with activity in your CMS without leaving your PC desktop.

Content auditing and reporting

Identify content bottlenecks and assess productivity with in-depth reports on your content. Run reports on content usage, workflows, and user activity out of the box. Export reports as a CSV for analysis in other systems.

Content syndication

Display recently-added content like blogs, news, and tweets from other websites or services in a feed on your own site using the RSS reader.

Content types and entries

Create future-proof and reusable content while providing a simplified writing experience. Editors enter content into predefined fields – reducing errors and improving consistency. Then data is stored as JSON, so you can reuse it any way you like.

Editing pages

Quickly create and edit web pages with Contensis's intuitive WYSIWYG editor. Add links, paste content, and insert images using a simple toolbar. Or, use the built-in Monaco editor to directly edit the HTML source code.


Create, edit, and customise forms with our drag-and-drop forms builder. Build complex multi-page forms. Receive email notifications each time a form is submitted and download responses as a CSV.


Change text in your CMS and the controls that appear on your front-end website. Customise labels in the CMS to match your organisation’s vocabulary. Personalise text on your website depending on a visitor’s location.


Contensis allows you to build and manage microsites using the same CMS as your main website. Administrators keep control of all templates, permissions, and approval workflows.

Multi-project management

Set up one instance of Contensis to run multiple websites, apps, or other projects. Use data from multiple projects in one website or application. Enable a set of users to log in to several websites with one set of credentials.

Multilingual content

Translate content into over 50 languages. Customise roles to build a workflow that suits your translation process. Refer to any existing language variation when translating content.

Navigation management

Add and manage website menus using a range of easy-to-use controls. Contensis adds new content to menus according to your folder structure. You can override this to add, remove, and reorder menu items.


Get an insight into the people visiting your website with Populo, our personalisation framework. Serve visitors different content depending on who they are, where they are, and what they've done on your site.

Release management

Keep tabs on content by setting the date and time that it should be published, reviewed, and expired. Create an article on Friday, and have it publish at 15:30 on Saturday – without interrupting your weekend.


Easily get data in and out of your CMS. Use content from other systems or software – such as your existing CMS – by importing it with our Management API. Make changes, or add images, and publish it anywhere you like with our Delivery API.


Surface all your content – web pages, entries, and assets – in one combined search. Adjust search weighting to make sure that users find the most relevant content. Easily add a search bar to any web page or template.

Single sign-on

Let users log in to your CMS using the same credentials they use to access other systems in use across your organisation. Contensis supports single sign-on using Microsoft Azure AD and ADFS.


Synchronise content between folders in a project. Create duplicates of folders, sub-folders, and their content. Any changes to an original file will be applied to its duplicate until you edit the copy.


Give users the ability to build web pages without writing code. Customise permissions to give them as little or as much choice as they need. Track changes and revert to a previous version of a template at any time.

User management

Restrict access to a whole website or specific password-protected areas by requiring users to register. Validate email addresses and send confirmation emails for enhanced security. Allow users to update their profile information when logged in.

Version control

Understand the who, what, when, and why of your content with an easy-to-follow audit trail. Track changes and compare versions of the same content side-by-side.

Workflow and permissions

Create roles that give users the permissions they need to do their jobs. Quickly grant groups of users new permissions or revoke them altogether.


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