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The architecture of your website is something that we take very seriously. Contensis has a completely de-coupled publishing model, which means that as long as you have set-up your system correctly, there will be no reliance on the central CMS database.

This means that you can have your web server or web servers anywhere on the planet, as long as you have IP access to ftp files and SQL access if you have a front-end database server.

As your web presence is likely to be absolutely mission critical, you can host your website internally or with a third party without any issue. If you want us to host the site for you, we offer specialised Contensis hosting. This service was set-up because it makes support easier; the same people who support your CMS support our hosting infrastructure too, so there is only one number to call or helpdesk issue to log.

De-coupled publishing
Performance and scalability
Disaster recovery