Active directory integration

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If you run an active directory in your organisation, you can integrate this with Contensis.

The main advantages are that users do not need to remember extra passwords, and if using Internet Explorer, the users will automatically log in directly from a domain computer's user credentials without needing to retype login details. When a user attempts authentication, their password will be passed directly to the active directory server for authentication. Assuming it passes, the user will be logged into Contensis.

Add users to groups to make permissions easier

There is also much less administration involved. Contensis can synchronise the existing users and groups that you have configured in the AD. This can be for all users or just specific groups.

Because Contensis synchronises with the AD you will be able to assign permissions and workflow to users and groups that are in the AD without needing to create them in Contensis. You can add AD users to your directory via Contensis side if you prefer.

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