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The problem faced by the majority of organisations is not enough engagement with social media, too much random engagement with social media or lack of oversight to maintain a unified voice.

With our social media module we've developed some brilliant features to allow organisations to govern social media output without holding back creativity. We aim to enable you to roll out engagement deeper into the organization while allowing you to approve submitted posts.

Setting rules

Each account can have rules applied to it, avoiding the risk of too many posts flooding through one channel. At each stage of the workflow the person viewing the post knows exactly whether the feed is busy or clear.

Some of the statistics coming out in recent years show just how quickly a social post can get lost in the mix, making it vital that your messages go out at the right time. Using the social media module, you are able to schedule messages to go out at a specific time. You can also restrict accounts to only submit posts during predetermined windows of time; for example you may only wish to tweet between 9:00 - 17:00, Monday to Friday.

Tone of voice

You may want to avoid creating barriers for people to post messages and opt for a high-trust set up, allowing users to post without obtaining approval. To make sure people stay focused you can write a sentence or two detailing the type of messages and tone of voice which you want to be used for each channel.

Posting workflow

As with all of our content management features, you can assign permissions to determine who can submit posts and who can approve, just as you would with any web page.

Users with the appropriate permissions can post immediately or schedule posts in the queue. Users without permission can set posts to dispatch but will require posts to be authorised before they are published.

For both channels you also have the option to search for previous posts which were sent through the CMS.

Any post failures are explained with a specific reason provided by Twitter or Facebook. Examples might include a duplicate post content or exceeding Twitter’s flood policy.

Multiple channels

The social media module currently supports Twitter and Facebook, as we felt these channels had the broadest value for our clients.


Post directly to Twitter or schedule posts for a later time.

Some social media purists feel that automated posts to social media channels aren't personal enough. Although we agree that messages should be personal and hand-crafted, there are circumstances where automated posting makes sense. An example would be news items or events being posted. You can configure our social media module to automatically send out a tweet when a news item or event (or whatever you like) is published from the CMS.

Post to Tweet with the social media module in the CMS


Use the social media module to submit the following post types:

  • Status updates
  • Links
  • Photos – choose which album images are posted to
  • Videos
  • Events
Post to Facebook with the social media module in the CMS

The social media module is a chargeable module. View prices.