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Web users like to share information with each other. If you aren't making it easy for them, you are missing out on free publicity. Not only does the share itself help to spread the word; search engines, particularly Google, are increasingly looking at social sharing as a way to determine the relevance and quality of content.

Contensis has controls which can be added to pages and templates which make social sharing easy. The following controls can be embedded into any page or template. You might like to add them into your main template as part of a site tools menu or sidebar.

Include tools to help users share your page

Download as PDF control

The control creates a link which will prompt the user to download a PDF copy of the page they are viewing. The download as PDF control has the option to use print stylesheets.

As with all other controls, just a simple click and insert and it is up-and-running.

Print this page control

The Print this page control takes the hassle out of producing an accessible and functional site.

The control creates a hyperlink which asks the browser to print the current page.

The control supports setting a static print page that is used to explain to users how to print, if they are using a browser that does not support script, for example.

Integration with print stylesheets

This means that you can have an alternative stylesheet which will be used when the page is printed. A print stylesheet should be produced as part of the HTML implementation.

Print stylesheets are supported by almost all modern browsers, and will ensure that when your page is printed by an end user, it will look and feel like a printed document rather than just a web page. You can change the font-face used for print, and any other aspects you deem to be required. Typically, navigational menus as well as headers and footers are also removed.

The send to a friend control

The send to a friend control adds a small form into a page. Users can enter a friend's email address and they will be sent an email with a link to the current page.

All you need do is link to the page with the send to a friend control and your end users can start sharing your content.

The control comes with a standard simple theme, so there is no need for any specific styling unless you want your own look and feel.

Social bookmarking

Social bookmarks can help promote your website

Social bookmarking tools allow you to share a page through Facebook, Twitter or any other site.

If you want to embed a social bookmarking tool, all you need do is paste a few lines of JavaScript into your page template. Because there are so many providers such as and we see no point in specialising in a particular vendor. You can choose a service which fits your requirements and configure within minutes.