More features

Encourage interaction with visitors to your site by allowing them to comment. Contensis allows you to have complete control over who is and isn't allowed to make comments. If you allow anonymous users to post, you can choose to moderate the comments.

Comments have great SEO benefit, proving to Google that content is fresh and relevant. It is also a chance to network and connect.

Comments control

The comments control can be inserted into any page or template with the following options:

  • Comments can be anonymous.

  • Comments can require membership/registration.

  • Comments can be moderated.

  • Comments can be spam checked using Akismet.

Gravatar support

Gravatar provides a globally recognised avatar service. If you have a Gravatar account with an avatar or profile picture, you can leave a comment on a site that supports Gravatar and the site will display your picture.

Contensis shows a Gravatar images for both registered and anonymous users if they have a Gravatar account.

Avatar support

Users without Gravatar can upload their avatar through the Contensis user profile control.

This functionality is also implemented for many other features such as social networking and discussion forums, for example.

Anonymous posts

With anonymous posting enabled, anyone with permission to access the page can post a comment. These comments can be run through spam protection and moderation if required.

If you visit the page having logged in, you will only be presented with the comment field, to save registered users having to enter their details twice.

Registered posts

If you require that users log in to post comments, you can integrate with our membership services. If the control detects no login, it will ask the user to either register or login to post.

User Registration can be as simple as three fields.

Akismet spam protection

If you allow anonymous posting, you'll need to use a spam prevention service to prevent long pages of comment spam. Even if comments are moderated, spam filtering can save you time; ensuring you don't spend 30 minutes a day deleting spam comments.

Contensis integrates with market-leader Akismet; simply add a valid Akismet API key and Contensis will do the rest. When a comment is made, Akismet will assess whether it believes it to be spam. If so, it will be marked as spam, not deleted, and will require moderation through the Contensis comment approval screen.

Add commenting to any page or template

Editing and administering comments

Editors can see all comments made against their content and moderate these, assuming they have the correct privileges. The comment moderation screen allows you to see all comments awaiting approval, including any spam messages. Spam messages are separated in the same way you might expect in your email account.

Approved comments will display on the web page within a few seconds.

CMS comments

Comments can be used within the CMS; a user can add a comment to a page through the editor and this will stay within the CMS and will not be available on the web. When an approver declines a page, or passes a page to another user, the comments they make will automatically be added to the editorial comments.