Version control

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Everything in Contensis is versioned. Audit data is held against all objects including users, folders, web pages, content, templates, style sheets, projects and administration actions. This ensures that you can understand the who, what, when and why of your content.

Manage multiple versions of content easily in the CMS

Audit trail

The Contensis CMS retains a Version History for all content

User actions are documented allowing you to track who has done what and when they did it. This level of detail enables you to identify where a mistake may have been made or who to contact about a particular piece of content.

To view the audit trail of a piece of content, right click on it in the project explorer and choose audit trail or click on version history from the editor.

Dual view

Dual view allows you to compare two versions of the same content side-by-side. It is possible to view any two versions of the content even if one uses an older template. To use this tool, select "dual view" from the preview dropdown when editing content or alternatively you can access this tool from the version history tab by clicking on the dual view icon.

Dual View allows you to compare and evaluate content changes

All previews in Contensis are a real preview, so you can be sure how the content looks in the preview will be exactly how it looks to the end user of your website.

Track content changes

The track changes feature will show you the differences between versions of the same piece of content. This is especially useful to check what was added in the last version or what you have changed in the current version.

Track changes highlights added, deleted and changed text as well as structural changes for elements such as tables.

This functionality is particularly useful when you want to see minor differences in large volumes of text.