Taxonomy management

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Taxonomy is the practice and science of classification according to natural relationships. Taxonomy is an area of great importance when categorising content. You may need to categorise content against a taxonomy for the purpose of relationships, navigation or even just searchability.

Taxonomy manager

Taxonomy Management in the CMS


Our taxonomy manager can be used to build and develop a taxonomy structure for your content. You can also monitor how many uses of a particular taxonomy node there are.

The taxonomy is completely localised, so you can enter terms in multiple languages. This functionality means that can categorise data once, with no need to re-categorise when it is synchronised to another language.

Assigning taxonomies in the editor

Contensis has taxonomy selection built-in to many modules as standard. When creating content or editing content, adding a taxonomy classification is easy; choose from dropdowns, checkboxes or a full tree selection. Allow either single or multiple node selection.

Importing and synchronising taxonomy structures

Add and edit taxonomies in the CMS

If your organisation uses a predefined taxonomy, you can import existing taxonomy structures into the CMS. This is particularly useful when your taxonomy is defined by a central body.

In local government, for example, there are a standards which are updated regularly, so it is imperative that you can import and implement the changes easily.

As with everything in Contensis, the taxonomy is available through our API. This allows you to build it from a data source other than the standard or user input.

Using taxonomies

Related items by taxonomy

This control allows for the auto-generation of links to other content with a matching taxonomy.

As an example, you may have a page which is classified under the composer "Bach" and "sonatas". In this case the control would bring back all content available that is categorised under "sonatas" and "Bach". Obviously this is flexible so you could just choose to bring back all content classified under "Bach", if you so choose.


The news module makes extensive use of taxonomy classification. 

Each article can be classified under different categories, and these categories will then be available to filter or search upon.

The user can select the news classifications that they are most interested in and then save their choice. Every time they come back to the homepage they will see news they are interested in.


The events module uses taxonomy classification for the location information and event category.

Multiple locations can be entered against a single event. As the user types new locations, they will be automatically added to the event location node of the taxonomy structure. In future, other users attempting to enter events will see the possible locations suggested after typing the first few characters.