Content publishing schedules

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Websites can become unwieldy after years of continued growth. The bigger the site and the more editors you have, the faster content gets created. There is rarely time to re-examine all of the content to check it's relevance. Contensis supports scheduled publishing, review and expiration of content. This means that you can have full control over the lifecycle of the content you create and ensure content is reviewed regularly.

In practise, this functionality allows you to create a new article on Friday, and have it publish at 03:30 on Saturday afternoon, without anyone needing to be in the office. If you like, it could then expire and disappear from the site 30 seconds later!

Content publishes when you choose.

This functionality is achieved through the use of publishing schedules. You can assign global schedules or schedule an individual content item. Each schedule stores information about when the content is to be published, when a piece of content is to be reviewed and when a piece of content is due to expire.

Setting a publishing schedule

To set up a publishing schedule for a piece of content, click on the properties tab.

If you do not set a specific schedule against content then it will use the global default publishing schedule, which can be configured as you decide. You may, for example, want all content to be reviewed automatically 12 months after publishing with a review to be 30 days before expiry.

Set a publishing and review schedule in the CMS

What happens when content is due for review or due to expire?

When content is due for review or due to expire, the system will send the editors a notification about this so they can take any action necessary. The action may be to re-authorise the content with a review date of another 12 months, or to allow the content to expire.

You can see items due for review in the dashboard. There are also a number of reports that show you items due to expire and due for review.

When content expires it is not deleted, merely archived.

Archiving and unarchiving content

When the expiry date for content is reached, it is automatically archived. The item will automatically be removed from menus and links to the archived item will be removed.

Archive and unarchive content in the CMS


You can choose to archive content at any time, overriding the publishing schedule. Any user with privileges can simply click on any item in the navigator to archive it without needing to wait for the expiry date.

At this stage you can simply leave the item archived or choose to unarchive it at a future date. When you archive an item, it will no longer be visible in the navigation tree, unless you specify that you would like to see archived content.