Image publishing

More features

Image library

The image library helps you to find images quickly, laying out all images from your project as thumbnails. You can navigate to folders using the project explorer, then use the contextual menu to:

  • insert the image into any web page in your project

  • preview the image at full size

  • create a variation of the image using the image editor

  • edit the image properties – including alt text and description

  • view the image information

Image editor

You can use the image editor to make changes to your images without having to use any addition image editing software. The image editor allows you to crop, resize, and re-save images, but always retains your original. You can also add photo filter effects. You can preview any changes you make, then save as either JPEG, GIF, or PNG.

The Contensis image editor.

Dynamic image gallery

Contensis allows you to add dynamic image galleries based on the images that are stored in the CMS. To edit the images in the gallery you can just add and delete images within a selected folder or tag them.