Supported file types

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Contensis supports any file type.

Contensis CMS supports any file type


Any file type you can imagine, whether it is an image, video, document or obscure software-specific file, it can be managed through the CMS. Leverage all of the workflow, versioning and permissions features of Contensis to manage all of your files.

Maybe you are a 3D CAD designer and need to save a DWG, maybe you have accounting records written as SDDS files, maybe you analyse DNA and protein sequences using GFF files; Contensis can support all these file formats.

You can also create groups of content types and assign a group to a folder rather than list content types individually. A typical example would be to create a content group called “documents” which would include file types such as PDF, MSWord and Excel. Having set these permissions within your folder structure, you can simply add "CSV” to the document group leaving Contensis to rollout out the permissions for you.

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