Multi-site management

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You can use one instance of Contensis software to manage any number of sites.

Manage multiple sites from a single instance of the CMS


You can choose to create multiple sites within the same site, normally useful for micro-sites, or you can create physically separate projects. Whichever method you choose, the templates can be identical or unique.

Leveraging our content reuse and synchronisation functionality, it is straightforward to create clones of entire sites, single sections, individual pages or even sub-elements of pages using our HTML snippet functionality. This can be useful when you have content on a website which you would like to re-use on an intranet.

Benefits to consolidating sites with one system

  • Edit once - share content and templates across sites and edit once for a consistent publication across your output. This allows a single point of content truth within the organisation, so that you do not have varying message and slight differences between content delivered to different platforms.
  • Train once - user training is simple, with no need to train for multiple systems. Just one course is needed for all staff.
  • Easier to maintain - your application support team will only need to maintain one system.
  • Share user data between sites - CMS users and website users who are members of one site can be given automatic membership to other Contensis managed sites. Permissions can be separated if needed.

No site is too big or too small to be managed effectively in this way - you can still use separate domain names for sites and even publish projects to different servers if required.