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The Contensis desktop tool has four main functions designed to aid Contensis users when using the system. These features include:

Live feed

The Contensis Desktop Tool


Essentially this function allows users to bring their live feed from the Contensis dashboard to their Windows desktop. When a new event takes place a small popup box will appear for a few seconds in the corner of the screen. You may have seen a similar behaviour in programs such as Microsoft Outlook. The live feed popup can be configured using the desktop tool preferences. You will only be notified about content you have access to, so that editors see what someone else is working on in their area of interest in a website. The live feed is great for webmasters to see what’s going on and get an idea for activity within the system.


Right-clicking on the system tray icon will display a menu with a number of different items. It includes a link to the active site, reports and a number of links that display further sub menu items. Examples of reports are 'content checked out to me', 'content I have edited recently' and 'content I frequently edit'. There are also links to change preferences, to access help and to exit the application.


This feature is a chargeable additional module. 

Web distributed authoring and versioning facilitates collaboration between users in editing and managing documents and files stored on your Contensis servers. This means you can hook directly into your CMS using a network drive. Once connected you are able to create, edit and delete your files using Windows Explorer. Whilst using WebDAV, permissions and access levels will remain the same as they are in the CMS, so anything you can't edit or view there means you won't be able to edit or view on the desktop.

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Developer tools

The Contensis developer tools are an extension of the Contensis desktop tool; helping developers with common tasks when using Contensis.

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Developer Tools accessible from the desktop