More features

In addition to the Contensis core API, we also have a lighter, more targeted WebAPI. This focuses on the common tasks you’ll want to achieve with Contensis.

The WebAPI is fantastically intuitive to use and is thoroughly documented. This has made it easier for those wanting to get stuck in and develop exciting new experiences for their web audience.

Razor views

The Microsoft Razor engine provides a simple way for web developers to use the new API. If you’re more comfortable with HTML and CSS than more back-end development languages like C#, then you’ll find the Razor views to be an excellent tool.

With Contensis Razor views you can quickly create dynamic sections or controls for your webpages within the Contensis editing environment. Adding a Razor view to a template or page can be done by dragging and dropping the file from the project explorer or using the contextual menu in an editable region.

Add razor views to pages and templates

Integrate with Visual Studio

You can work with your Contensis files using Visual Studio and Visual Studio Express. If you have the Contensis developer tools you can debug your Razor views directly within Visual Studio and then upload them into Contensis via WebDAV.