Navigation controls

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Contensis has a whole range of navigational controls which will suit any design, though you can of course add your own styling. Each of the controls uses standard, accessible markup to ensure consistency in your code.

All navigational controls can be automatically generated based on the website structure built in the CMS, and automatically respond to changes you make to the content and site structure. The navigational controls ensure that you never need to manually build a menu again.

Simple menu XML
Local-view menu
Other menus

Editing navigation controls

From an editor's perspective, all you need to do is use the content management system and the menus will be automatically created.

Where an item appears in the menu is directly related to where the item is created in the Contensis navigator. In the properties for a page you can:

  • Set the menu name.

  • Choose whether an item will be included in the menu.

  • Choose whether an item will be included in the search.

  • Choose whether an item will be included in the A-Z.

  • Choose whether an item will be included in the sitemap.

Extending navigation controls

Each of the controls has options which enable the template developer to configure how they work.

The most frequently used option, common to almost all controls, is the Root Folder ID. This property allows you to decide at which point in the site structure the navigational control will hook into.

Contensis has a complete framework for creating your own navigational controls, and this is available through the Contensis core API. The source code for menu controls is also available on request. This will help you to implement a menu of your own creation.