Google Apps integration

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At Zengenti, we always aim to embrace market-leading solutions. Google Apps is one of those solutions. Google Apps is a customisable package of business applications that includes mail, calendar, team site creation, document collaboration, and video sharing. Google Apps have been adopted at a phenomenal rate among business users.

If you are already using Google Apps, then you will be glad to know that we integrate it into the CMS. Integrating with Google reduces admin time and allows people to use the same login for Contensis as for Google Apps.

If you're not using Google Apps, all you need to do is configure a Google host, Google admin username and password for your users, and they will be automatically provided with Google Mail, Google Docs, and an RSS reader that uses the back-end Google Feed Reader.

Single sign-on

The single sign-on integration means that when users register with your system, be they external or internal, you have the option to automatically generate an account for them in your Google domain.

This functionality allows users to specify their own Google username at the Google domain. Now the users are integrated; at any point of their personal homepage they can click the icon to access Google Apps, and will not need to re-enter any credential information.

Gmail integration

We provide a portlet that can be added to any page and shows you at a glance your latest incoming emails. This is often useful on an intranet or portal homepage, so users can immediately see if any mail is waiting for them and provides a link to your Gmail inbox.

For those of you who are not Google users, we also have a tool for Microsoft Exchange Server.

Google Docs integration

Google Docs are great for sharing and collaborating with colleagues or working on the move. The Google Docs integration provides an instant look at the documents that you have recently been working on, or a link to all documents.

The portlet can be deployed on a personal dashboard, normally in an intranet/extranet-type solution.

Google RSS reader

The RSS reader uses the Google Reader to give you a combined list of your favourite RSS feeds. Adding a new feed to your personal homepage is just two clicks away. 

Google Apps Integration is a chargeable module. Details are available on our pricing page.