Contensis developer tools

More features

The Contensis developer tools are an extension of the Contensis desktop tool. They are designed to help developers with common tasks when using Contensis.

The developer tools allow you to:

  • Download website files. 
    All website files required for developing controls and Razor views can be downloaded with just a single click.
  • Deploy bespoke controls. 
    Once a bespoke control has been completed it can instantly be uploaded to your development website to be tested.
  • Automatic Visual Studio solution generation. 
    Creating solutions is done automatically once you have specified which server you want to develop against.
  • Easy debugging of Razor views.
    You can debug your Razor views directly within Visual Studio. When happy, you can upload them into Contensis via WebDAV.
  • Manage multiple development configurations. 
    If you work on multiple projects you can switch between them quickly and easily.

We've also made it simple to work with your Contensis files using Visual Studio and Visual Studio Express.