More features

Our WebAPI is an addition to the Contensis core API. It's a lighter, more targeted API, which is focused on the most common tasks you’ll want to achieve with Contensis.

The new API is fully documented, read-only, and fantastically intuitive to use. We’ve lowered the bar for those wanting to get stuck in and develop exciting new experiences for their visitors.

The Contensis WebAPI is designed to be easy to learn and implement. Utilising the power of the Microsoft® Razor view engine, the Contensis WebAPI allows you to perform all the tasks required to write your own dynamic elements, both server and client side. We want you to be able to implement your logic as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

REST API search

The REST part of the new API allows you to work with content dynamically without the need to reload the web page. This opens the door to some pretty stunning search experiences. Instantly update search results as you type, create an infinite scroll, or use dynamic filtering with faceted search.