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The Contensis content entry editor.

Contensis for marketers

Contensis gives marketers all the tools you need to create influential web content, through any channels you use. Be comprehensive in your messaging. Complete the form below to request a personalised demo.

Some of the clients we've helped

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  • London School of Economics and Political Science Logo
  • Domino Logo
  • Cumbria Constabulary Logo
  • NHS Logo
  • Staffordshire County Council Logo

Customer experience management

Our customer experience management system, Populo, gives you insight into the people visiting your website. Learn about their behaviour, and tailor your content to match different user segments. You can customise the experience your customers receive using the Contacts API and the power of Razor and propertied Razor views.  

Content types

Content types are kinds of content broken down into smaller pieces called fields. They can be linked together – allowing you to build rich content models and relationships. This makes it easy to manage frequently used content types, such as information on products or events. 

Multichannel publishing

Contensis lets you manage all of your content in one place. Simply build content types with fields for the information you need to use across your channels. These can then be used wherever you like using our Delivery API – from websites and mobile apps to publishing programs like Adobe InDesign.


Contensis is built to work well with search engines. On the one hand, you can enforce policies that help with your search results, such as alt-tags and page metadata. On the other, Contensis creates sitemaps automatically, and generates human-friendly URLS – it also handles redirects and aliases elegantly.


Contensis lets you keep track of your content’s lifecycle. You can schedule content releases, so they support your marketing campaigns. You can also keep your content fresh and relevant by setting review dates. Old content can be automatically archived, getting rid of stale, outdated information.

Streamlined content creation

Content types and entries provide a simplified writing experience. Editors enter content into predefined fields – making it impossible to enter information in the wrong format or to miss information out altogether. If you prefer a WYSIWYG editor, Contensis has one of those too.

Contact forms

Contensis has a simple but powerful forms builder that lets non-technical users create impressive, customisable forms. You can easily include tailored contact forms for any marketing campaign – asking for just the right information you need to follow up and keep in touch with your community.

Email marketing

Through the Contensis Marketplace, you can create custom integrations with popular email systems (Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp). The packages give your developers all they need to create subscription forms, and let people sign up straight from your website.

Microsite Wizard 

You can quickly create microsites that support your marketing campaigns, provide a home for events, or feature specific content that you want to highlight. Using the Microsite wizard, non-technical users can spin-up and deploy sub-sites within minutes.

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