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Contensis powers these companies

  • The London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Dorset Council
  • Pearson
  • Gambling Commission
  • Ordnance Survey
  • King's College London
  • Domino Printing

How it works Create a content-shaped site

Contensis lets you build a site around your content, so it works exactly how you need it to.

It separates the way your content is created and stored from the way it is presented.

Create content in advance so your project stays on track, or break it up into pieces that you can reuse in other websites and apps.

Drag and drop fields to make reusable content types. Link content types together to build up key pages. It's fast, adaptable and efficient.

Content modelling

Tools your editors will love

Creating content is simple with a form-like interface. You can drop frequently-used components straight into pages, making new landing pages without any help. Working with a large team? Add guidelines into the editor so that authors across your organisation can get it right first time.

Creating content

A well-oiled workflow

Contensis is versatile when it comes to roles, permissions and approvals. Set up the publishing workflow that gets your content out fast, and error-free. Stay on top of governance with review and ownership controls.

Its smart multilingual capabilities make translating quick, painless and flexible.

Governing content

Publish anywhere, now and in the future

Think ahead. The RESTful Delivery API lets you publish your content as JSON using your favourite coding language. Your website content will work with other systems and can be sent to mobile apps, wearables, hovercars – wherever you want it to go.

Developing with Contensis


Say goodbye to hosting headaches

When it comes to hosting, we've got you covered. With regular backups, disaster recovery, and automated re-routing of network traffic as standard, our enterprise-level cloud infrastructure takes the pain out of hosting. In other words, no more sleepless nights.

All the tools you'll ever need

Create multilingual content, import data, and build advanced searches. It's easier with Contensis.

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