Steve Harrow is technical web manager at Wigan Council. He attended one of our user groups last year, and is fresh off the back of last week’s Contensis user group in Leeds. We asked him about the experience to see what he got out of it.

Steve said that Wigan Council went along to find out about new product features, to network with other organisations using Contensis, and to meet the Zengenti team. Good news, all-in-all, as that’s what our user groups are for.

We asked Steve what he thought was the most valuable thing he got from the user groups. He mentioned finding out about new features in the product. Plus, he finds it useful to discuss common problems and potential improvements.

And what about those all-valuable discussions with peers? Steve said what he took away were “common stories about the product, and some interesting approaches to implementing techniques like Razor views to achieve things. We also had some interesting conversations with another council about their approach to using icon fonts within Contensis.”


At Zengenti, we aim for our user groups to be a focused opportunity for practical working with Contensis. We thought it would be worth finding out from Steve what projects Wigan Council are currently working on that might benefit from user group discussions.

“We are currently working on a new intranet release. We’ll be getting rid of all the old content and starting from scratch, replacing a static intranet with Contensis. We’ll be setting up permissions for certain officers to update content and create a new telephone directory. The plan is also to add forums and to set up an extranet for remote users.”

Quite a project to be getting on with, and a good topic for some discussions with our other Contensis users then!

“We have had a bit of fun trying to get this project progressed, and I am interested to know if anyone else – for example – had an intranet and then had set up an extranet off the back of that. The user group gives an opportunity to talk through any issues around setting up a telephone directory that other Contensis users may have come across. Also, just general feedback about good things to try and things to avoid is always really helpful.”

We look for client advice and experiences and, of course, we offer our own so that Wigan Council’s latest project can flourish.

There are only a few spaces left for our London user group on 5 November, but if you miss out – don’t worry. We’re always here to talk and we’ll be sharing the slides online shortly after.


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