A first trip to the circus is just one of those things that sticks in your memory – the atmosphere, the smell, the colours, the thrill and trepidation. It’s one of those formative experiences that rouses ambition. I remember thinking that if that fella could stand on the shoulders of that leotarded lass, and then leap into the air and get caught by a swinging trapeze artist, then humans were capable of a lot more than I might first have imagined.

Circus Starr pen themselves “the circus with a purpose.” That purpose is never clearer than when you see the look of glee on a child’s face as a performer does something astounding in the ring. The circus provides free seats to disadvantaged, disabled or vulnerable children. Kids can have fun, and experience a sense of wonder and inspiration.

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Not only is it a chance to step outside the complications of day-to-day life, but it’s also confidence boosting. It’s wonderful to see that Circus Starr have proven results with their audiences. These include giving kids a greater sense of connectedness with others and a reduced sense of anxiety. That’s Circus Starr's whole raison d’etre and it’s great they’re achieving it.

Circus Starr are non-profit, so fund their circus by getting donations from sponsors. Because we care about the world outside technology too, we at Zengenti have sponsored six children to attend the circus this October. I’m hopeful they have that first-class experience I remember having as a small person.

Sarah Hall, events coordinator at Circus Starr, said: "Every donation helps children facing all sorts of challenges in life to experience a world-class circus show and forget their troubles. We distribute £1.37 million of circus tickets through a network of children's charities every year, giving families the rare opportunity to create memories that last a lifetime!"

We call that money well spent.

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