At Zengenti we pride ourselves on the great relationship that we have with our clients. As well as developing Contensis we provide what we call ‘Professional Services’. Our Professional Services are designers, developers and strategists. In short, they’re the guys with the skills to develop your website to your needs. They can design, build and deploy a new website or just offer their expertise in an area you need.

Many of our clients have their own experienced web teams. However, these teams are often working at capacity and are unable to find the time to develop special projects. If you have an idea in mind, no matter how big or small, then we can help bring it to life. We are also experienced at working alongside agencies to fulfil project requirements. Perhaps you have a design agency that handle your branding. We can work alongside them to turn their designs into a working site. 

The London School of Economics and Political Science, or LSE, are a longstanding user of Contensis. They recently approached Zengenti to develop a new area of their website. LSE had won plaudits in 2014 for the quality of their research output. They wanted to create a microsite illustrating the impact that research from LSE staff is making around the world.

'The brief was to create a new scalable website to show and promote LSE's research impact. This was to be created within the existing LSE website, but with an updated look and feel.' Jon Maskrey, Zengenti

LSE engaged the services of design agency Grandad Digital to produce a design for the site. Zengenti took designs provided by Grandad and produced HTML templates. Our team then developed the bespoke controls required before integrating the templates into Contensis.

We worked closely with Grandad and the LSE to produce the microsite. Jon Maskrey, who led on the project at Zengenti, explains that 'the microsite is easy to update using custom structured content but also provides enough options to allow some flexibility with the content.'

When the site was launched it contained 100 case studies accompanied by videos and related links that provide evidence of the impact made by LSE research. Each impact case study also provides lists of relevant resources and downloadable content such as PDF documents. One of the features of Contensis is the ability to manage large amounts of content quickly and easily.

You can visit the LSE Research Impact Area on their website.

If you’re looking to create a bespoke project for your site get in touch with us to talk it over.

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