In the run-up to our client-focused Rocket conference we have been talking to our digital-specialist speakers to find out who they are and what they think. 

Who are you?

Hey up, I’m Zach. I work for Zengenti and carry around a vague job title of “head of content and community.” I’ve worked under two main topics for the past 9 years or so: words and people. I’ve written many blog posts, and a few articles for tech magazines; and I edited the magazine for the semantic web. During that time, I also helped get people telling their own stories, and learned about setting up systems to get people contributing. My other job titles have included editor, community manager, and content strategist.

What is the most important skill to have working in digital today?

This is an interesting question, and one which isn’t simple – or easy – to do justice. I think different people will do well to hone the skills that come naturally to them. So, a natural problem solver and logical person can pick up code and build. Great organisers and systematic thinkers can help with strategy. People people can help build and look after teams, and help link strategy to builders. So, perhaps the link here is a skill in learning. Very little stays the same, and there are time-sucks everywhere – meetings, pet projects, new kit. So, people who learn to learn well will be doing themselves and their teams great favours.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Most of my day job involves a screen or a microphone. I like to take time away from electronics. So, I carve wood with axes and blades. I cycle, and I – try – to train my dog to retrieve and avoid eating everything that isn’t technically a toy.

Tell us about a website that we HAVE to check out.

If I were to point you at a single website for good content, great communication, and glorious chimpanzees, I’d choose MailChimp. In particular, I’d send you off to play on their resources pages. Here, they have created well-crafted booklets to help with just about any aspect of email. They demonstrate their domain knowledge, and share experience in a way that actually helps people. It’s a fantastic setup which builds up their community, and illustrates good content at the same time.

You can hear Zach talk about content strategy at Rocket 15 on Thursday 4 June at Austin Court, Birmingham.

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