In the run-up to our client-focused Rocket conference, we have been talking to our digital-specialist speakers to find out who they are and what they think. 

Who are you?

Hi, I’m Lewis – a front-end developer and designer. I have been working in the industry for six years and at Zengenti for just a little over a year. In that time I've worked on a whole variety of client projects. Before Zegenti, I worked in a public sector web team, helping to design and build web services for a local authority.

What do you do?

My day-to-day work includes anything from design, to HTML/CSS coding, to implementation. One day I may be on Photoshop knocking up some new designs for a responsive website, the next I may be coding CSS/HTML from those mockups. And, the day after that, I might be knee-deep in Razor code implementing some website functionality. A lot of time over the last year has been spent working with Razor views, as they have become our preferred and recommended method for developing bespoke functionality. Some of that work has involved creating new, tailored functionality for clients; and some has involved re-writing and improving existing functionality that previously existed as compiled DLLs.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I have a couple of my own personal sites that showcase a hobby of mine – creating digital landscape artwork,  something I have been doing for just over 10 years now. Outside of the tech I try to keep healthy by running around a squash court.

You can hear Lewis talk about using propertied Razor views at Rocket 15 on Thursday 4 June at Austin Court, Birmingham.

Register for your free ticket here.

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