Today we’ve launched the latest version of our popular Contensis Content Management System (CMS), Contensis R8.1.  

With R8.1 we’re addressing the needs of busy content managers and marketers.  

We realise that what users really want is a system that allows them to publish content to their audiences in a timely, efficient, and measurable way.

That’s why Contensis R8.1 allows you to store up relevant content over time and then publish it all in one go.  Managing a university CMS and want to publish all of your new content ready for the next academic year? With R8.1 you can do it at the click of a button, months in advance.       


When you’re creating awesome new content for your website, the last thing you want to do is keep track of changes to your images and hyperlinks.  That’s why we’ve introduced a whole host of usability features.

Something that will please a number of content editors is the ability to replace master images. Simply upload the most recent photo of your summer party and it’ll roll out to all places that use it. When submitting your updated image for approval, the old and new images are shown side-by-side for comparison.

Similarly, through the hyperlink dashboard you get an overview of all links used in your sites including usage statistics. If a URL needs changing, simply change it in one place and the new version will roll out across the site.  If a URL already exists, Contensis will match it to an existing hyperlink ensuring consistency throughout your site. It can also be a useful tool for locating out-of-date phone numbers and email addresses.


Users can also experience the benefits of our enhanced translation workflow, which sees multiple languages created at once, each time a new piece of content is created.  With the inclusion of a language indicator, it is easy to quickly spot which language you’re working in.


You can see all of these features in action in our R8.1 preview video.

It’s not just content editors and managers we’ve been listening to.  We’re also keen to leave developers with no excuses when it comes to presenting content in the best possible way. For developers, we’re providing more building blocks, techniques and tools to deliver awesome sites quickly and easily as well as rolling out our brand new Marketplace feature.

With the Marketplace we wanted to create an environment that facilitates community, sharing and innovation. In terms of the way people use Contensis this is the biggest change yet.  

The Marketplace in R8.1 enables you to share templates, web controls, content, and code snippets between installations of Contensis. You can select and install modules without leaving the CMS interface.

We realise that there are plenty of occasions where you want to use Marketplace packages but not share them outside your organisation. With this in mind there’s an area of your own where you can share and install work.

The Marketplace is a new area of the CMS that will remind you of an app store and with anything like this it’s hard to predict all of the ways you’ll use it. We’re really excited to see the work you share; from helpful code snippets to full modules that you’ve created.  You can read more about the features on offer in the Marketplace on our dedicated ZenHub page.

We hope you are as excited about the new features as we are.  If you’d like to speak to us about moving to Contensis R8.1 then please contact one of our team. 

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Ryan Bromley

About the Author

Ryan is the marketing content coordinator here at Zengenti. He looks after our marketing content, oversees campaigns, and helps teach courses in writing for the web.

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